Common Questions

How can i register for email news

We are in the process of integrating our email news system with this website, in the meantime, you can ask to be added to our mailing list by sending us a quick message.

I have never been to a competition

It can be very daunting if you have never been to a fencing competiton before.  Talking with your clubs coach, other parents and experienced fencers will give you a good over view of what to expect.  The Yorkshire Youth League is designed to be as friendly to new fencers and parents as possible and you can get some information from our What to expect andNew Parents / Fencers pages.

Where can i get equipment

In the first instance, talk with your coach about equipment, most clubs have equipment for new fencers to borrow, however, it may be necessary to purchase some items.  As fencers compete more often, they find it is more comfortable and convenient to have their own equipment.  Again, speak with your coach and see what he recommends, some clubs have special arrangements with suppliers and can get discounts on market prices.

Who is who in Yorkshire Fencing

To find out more about Yorkshire fencing, you can visit the main website.

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