Which age group should I select

Fencing competition age groups can be a little confusing as they do not necessary relate to your child's current age but their age on the 1st of January of the current year.

For the Yorkshire Youth League and the Yorkshire Youth Championships, fencers born in the following years can enter the associated age group at competitions in 2017.

Age Group

Birth Years

Under 10 2007 and after
Under 12 2005, 2006
Under 14 2003, 2004
Under 16 2001, 2002
Under 18 1999, 2000


Not all competitions will run all age categories.

Can a fencerenter a category if they are too young?  i.e. enter an older age group?

This is a question that has been asked many times and as the Yorkshire Youth League is intended as an introductory series with the aim that fencers will move on to wider tournaments and national events, we have decided that fencers will not be allowed to fence in an older age category.  If a fencer as reached the point that their own age group does not provide them with sufficient challenge then have a discussion with the child's coach about other competitions to enter.

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