Host an event in your club

Some of the events in the Yorkshire Youth League are organised by individual fencing clubs and it is intended that the league is made up of a mixture of Yorkshire Fencing organised and club organised events.

A club wishing to organise an event can make use of the following:

  • Online entry through this site
  • Access to the entry lists to add fencers that pay by cheque or cash
  • Help running or completely run D.T. with the provision of computers, display screens and printers
  • Advice on the best dates and how to organise the event

The club will need to:

  • Book a venue with adequate space for the competition
  • Book referees
  • Provide or borrow scoring equipment
  • Organise food and drinks available for sale (free to referees and officials)
  • Mark out the floor for the pistes

Benefits to the club

  • Well run competitions can make a healthy income for the organising club
  • Great way to introduce new fencers from the home club to a competition without the need to travel
  • Develops the skills within the club and helps to improve the general understanding of fencing

To make enquiries or book an event for your club to host, speak with Ian Williamson, either in person or send a message for him to contact you.


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