Refereeing is one of the areas that can make or break a competition.  To keep costs very low for new fencers, the Yorkshire Youth League relies on volunteers to referee. It is a great place for new referees and it is the intention of Yorkshire Fencing to provide regular instruction as part of the commitment to developing volunteer referees.

The purpose of the Youth League is to provide new fencers with a platform to learn how to compete and then when they are ready, move onto wider national tournaments.  Many fencers who began in the Youth League have gone on to represent their country on the international stage.

It is quite common for fencers to reach the age of 14 - 16 years and no longer feel that the Youth League provides them with the challenge that it did when they began.  This is by design as it is a beginners series, however, we do not want to loose these more experienced fencers.  These fencers can continue to come along with their clubs to support the younger fencers and learn to referee. This allows the coaches to coach and the experienced fencers to gain a wider understanding of fencing as well as give back to the sport that they enjoy.

If you would like to be added to the Referee list or enquire about becoming a referee, send a message and let us know.

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